Eva Minemar wanted to create a new type of women’s theatre – theatre told through the performers own voices – theatre about what it means to be a woman told through the eyes of women of all ages, ethnicity’s, and backgrounds.

Like so much of New York’s underground theatre scene, the show began on the Lower East Side and East Village. Two years after its inception, the show was approached by the United Nations to be the exclusive performance for International Women’s Day 2001, an event attended by the women delegates from around the world.

Come see for yourself Angry Jellow Bubbles - sexy, smart, humorous reality-theatre about what it means to be a woman. In this hour long theatre experience which is new and different from evening to evening, you will find song, dance, comedy and drama.


* Conceived & Directed by: Eva Minemar
* Written by: The women in the cast on stage that particular evening.
* Produced by: Tony Lepore

* First Performance: June 16th, 1999 @ Expanded Arts Theatre, New York, NY

* Number of women who have written/performed for the show: 85

* Total # of performances: 215

* Cities Performed in: New York, Edinburgh, San Francisco, Montreal, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Philadelphia, Toronto, and Orlando.

* Number of Women who were pregnant when performing in the show: Eight. (All 8 babies were boys.)

* Greatest Honor: Being chosen exclusively to perform for the women leaders of the world at The United Nations (NY) on International Women’s Day (March 8, 2001).

* Producing Company: Angry Bubble Productions, Established: 1999 New York, NY
* Founders: Artistic Director: Eva Minemar and Managing Director: Tony Lepore

Theatre Company Established 1999 * New York, NY *

Artistic Director: Eva Minemar * Managing Director: Tony Lepore

Office Number: 323-769-5808 * Contact:

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